Friday, August 8, 2008

Resources, Resources, Resources

Resources, resources, resources

An interior designer must know space planning, color theory, construction basics and scale (just for beginners), but just as important, is their resource list. I am constantly checking out different stores, websites and magazines for new and unique furniture, accessories, fabrics, etc., to use in future applications.

I have found and marked some wonderful websites and refer to them often for ideas. Some of them have the neatest and most original stuff. Here are a few of my favorites...

These bowls are beautiful to me, not just because of their shape, but because they are white as well. I think they would really stand out on a coffee table or counter top to serve a dip in or display some lovely candies.

I was introduced to cloisonne years ago when my friend brought me back a gorgeous cloisonne pin from Beijing. Ever since I've been a fan. I like the sunburst effect on this box. It's simple and beautiful.

CAMDEN CHAIR / $2,995.00
This chair would be perfect next to a fireplace in a mountain cabin retreat. Wonderful fabric.

I think animal prints are starting to get passe again, but before they are completely dead, I'd like to add this chair to my list of beautiful items I like. It's so striking with it's white wood that it would be a show piece in any home.

This table design goes back hundreds of years. I included it here because I think this particular table is absolutely beautiful for the price. You can find this table at many different price points, but why spend more when this one is so fantastic?

HUGO OTTOMAN / $885.00
I love the x-frame legs on this ottoman. Perfect for a guest bedroom.
YVES OTTOMAN / $1,295.00
I thought this ottoman was beautiful because the fabric on it is linen. (Go to the website to check it out!). It's an unexpected fabric for the ottoman.

Again, I am showing another animal print! But, don't you just love the effect of this cheetah print on this settee? It's such a juxtaposition to have an animal print on this classically designed piece.

This Louis XVI inspired breakfast table just struck me as very beautiful.

Blond Wood Vases
Natural and organic are two words that you hear all the time now. But, I'm still not tired of them. I love natural elements in a home. It's a must in design.

Square Fruitwood Finish Vase
Mix and match these fruitwood vases with the blond wood vases above for a striking effect.

Mahogany Bamboo Trays
Bamboo is sustainable, so what says "I'm going green" more than displaying these beautiful trays in your home?

3 inch Mini Lanterns
These mini lanterns were so cute that I had to include them in this list. I would like to see a bunch of them clustered at different heights in a patio area for a beautiful romantic feel.


Spring Tealight
This tealight is so cute. Lilleashop has many different patterns to choose from. Ten of them lined up along a mantle or coffee table would be quite striking.

Rose Garland Flowerpot
I love the simplicity of this flowerpot.

Turquoise Cocoon Vase
This vase is so beautiful in it's imperfection and color that it would be perfect in any space in the house.

Mussel Shell Condiment Tray
This condiment tray is wonderful, don't you think? I LOVE the color and the shape! If you had a beach house, this would be a must-have. I think it's a must-have even if you don't have a beach house.

Tree of Life Tray
I can see everything from jewelry to petit fours on this tray. It's very unusual, yet the finish on it makes it a perfect stand-alone piece for a crowd.

"Wedding Bowl" Wood Bowl, Created by: Kerry Vesper $450
What is not to love about the shape of this wooden bowl? Fantastic!

"Medium Moss Fluted Bowl", Art Glass Bowl, Created by: Chris Mosey $400
The color of the glass is so neon it almost glows!! Beautiful!

"Lady Edith's Bench", Wood Bench, Created by: Don Green $4780
The woven leather gives this bench such an incredible look. It would go well in almost any decor, from asian-influenced to formal.

"Chrysanthemum Bench", Wood Bench, Created by: Julia Godfrey $8400
The asian influence in this bench is hard to take your eye away from. It's simplistic in shape and yet full of details.

"Walnut Burl Dogwood Buffet", Wood Buffet, Created by: Craig Thibodeau $6000
Bring on the marquetry! Antiques with marquetry are wonderful and when it's done with modern pieces and elements, it provides an unusual, but very interesting look.

"Pendant Table Lamp", Mixed Media Table Lamp, Created by: David D'Imperio $475
The delicate shell lampshades on this lamp are unexpected and artsy.


Slumped Vases $314
I love the funky dented look of these vases. These would be fabulous on a patio table.

"Cove" Duvet and Sham: Moss, Queen, $330
I am all about peace and quiet and harmony (hence my blog's name). This duvet speaks to me in those terms. I like the artwork as well.

"Pounce" Cat Tree, $179
I have cats and they would be all over this structure!


See-Through Side Table, $289
Very simple and not very avante-garde, but this is classic styling when it comes to side tables and can be mixed in with almost any style. Functional and beautiful.

"Bowtie" Joint Coffee Table, $495
In an earlier blog, Michael Smith, one of my favorite designers, had a similar table to this in one of his rooms. I love the simplicity of the table, the rough-hewn wood, the bow-tie detail and the open iron framework. I want this coffee table for my family room!

Close-up of coffee table

Close-up of coffee table

Biggy Piggy (wooden carved pig), $59.00
I couldn't help but add this cute litle wooden pig into my list. He is not hollow and cannot hold money, but serves as a conversation piece, while holding up your favorite decorating books!

Linen Tea Towels (set of 2), $29.00
I love the look and feel of linen. So these simplistic tea towels are just the trick when you are finding decor to fill a beach house.

Colorblock Painted Canvases (set of 4), $349
One of my other obsessions right now is simplistic art pieces. I love the color combination of this grouping and it would certainly go very well in the same house that houses those tea towels above!


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Linda Lou said...

My daughter just gave me one of those philodendron bowls for my birthday-your photos and choices are just beautiful. I also want a beach house in Maui with an endless supply of mai tais at my disposal!!!

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i've been looking all over for the wooden pig book end!! can you tell me where i can buy it? i looked on the website you posted, but i didn't see it there..
thank you so much!

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