Friday, September 19, 2008

Magpie Style!

I want to send my good will wishes to Joni over at I know it must have been scary waiting out the storm and the wrath that it brought.

A friend of mine owns the cutest store in Morgan Hill, CA called Magpie. She is one of the most creative people I know. Her store is so well put together, so creative, so imaginative. I've seen Michelle do such creative and unique things with her store, it's decor and its products, that it blows me away. She truly is a unique talent.

Magpie storefront in Morgan Hill. The awnings are a new addition - very Rodeo Drive baby!

This is the cutest Eiffel Tower decorative light! Fantastic for parties or just a really unique decorative accent.

French basket chandelier. It's worth a trip into Magpie just get see this beauty!

French mademoiselle lamp. Whimsy at its best.

Michelle's shop is filled with beautiful candles, shells, ceramics and knick-knacks! Lots of eye-candy!

I love this stork! If you know someone who is having a baby... this is a must-have. The ultimate in lawn decor! I didn't get up on a ladder to measure this guy, but he looks like he is about 3-4 feet tall!

Michelle is getting ready for Halloween! Don't you love this display? I want the dark ceramics, the lighted pumpkin and the letters spelling SPOOKY!

Magpie has fabulous diaries and photo albums that would look wonderful displayed on a bookshelf or entrance table. Anywhere you can admire them!

The tulle skirt on this mannequin is just a glimpse into Michelle's creative genius. I love how she displays the jewelry on the undressed mannequin and belts the skirt! So cute!

Yet another j'adorable (a term I've stolen from Jonathan Adler) corner in Michelle's shop. Like a kid in a candy store....

More Halloween treats...

Something new to smell and see at every table...

A little bit of Paris in little ol' Morgan Hill...

A few words with Michelle....

Favorite designer/color/furniture piece? I don't really have a favorite designer. My favorite color at the moment is anything with a gray undertone. My favorite furniture piece is a 8 foot trumeau mirror that I have leaning against my bedroom wall.

What is your design philosophy? My philosophy is to use what you love, do something unexpected, work with layers and once you learn the rules....break them!

What is your favorite color and how do you like to use it in your home? I have painted my family room a fabulous gray/blue and its very relaxing. I have also done my bedroom in a blue but with a little more green to it and used a soft creamy yellow (which I rarely use yellow, but it is so soft it works). It is my husband's and my favorite room in the house.

Beyond what people will see in the pictures that I’m posting, what can people expect when they come into Magpie? At Magpie people can expect unique merchandise, fun displays, a treat to all senses and above all else, over the top customer service. We also offer design and/or staging consulting, custom ribbon orders for events, custom favors for events and we also can do a "candy bar".

Art Nouveau or Art Deco? Both

What products do you carry in your shop?

Our top bath line is Lollia, top candle line is Rosey Rings, we have many items from France, many artist such as Anna Corba, Sally Jean and Ingrid Pomeroy who are featured in Victoria, Romantic Homes and Summerset magazines. Just to name a few.

Thank you Michelle! For anyone wanting to visit Michelle's adorable shop, it is located at:

17505 Monterey Road
Morgan Hill, CA

You will be able to order products from Michelle's website soon!

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Linda Lou said...

Looks like a really pretty shop with interesting vignettes...there is a store near my little town with a similar finding those great little shops you want to visit again and again,