Sunday, September 21, 2008

Russian Decorative Arts & Dining Rooms to Love

Dream Product of the Day...

I know this selection is a bit (a lot!) formal, but it's so fantastic, that I had to post it. I came across it when I was going through my Judith Miller Furniture book (one of my favorite reference books for history of furniture).

Tula Center Table. Made of sparkling cut steel. Produced by Tula's Imperial Armory. Epitomizes 18th century Russian Decorative Arts. Artists cut steel into diamond facets that sparkled like jewels, colored and chased the surface, and used non-ferrous metal inlays. This table is regarded as the finest example of Tula furniture.

Close-up of Tula center table corner. Neoclassical detail can be seen in the frieze.

Close-up of Tula center table leg and fish-shaped mount.

Close-up of Tula center table. Acanthus leaf detail adorns the cabriole legs.

Close-up of Tula center table column.

After viewing this exquisite piece of furniture, I thought I would take a look at some dining rooms that I love...

Dining Rooms To Love...

This is Katie Lee Joel's dining room. I love, love, love the dark wood floors and cool tone on the walls juxtaposed against the white classic furniture. This room just feels fresh and relaxed, even with the formal furnishings and elements.

Small space? No problem! The leather and chrome "bamboo" chairs mix perfectly with the lantern that has the same lines. The wall treatment gives the room the joie de vivre that says "come on in, relax and have a cup of coffee!".

French Country is such a warm design palette. The brick-laden floor and furniture style cabinetry in this kitchen are wonderful. Look at that fun chandelier over the dining table!

Designer Thomas Pheasant. He is one of my favorite designers. His designs are so harmonious and peaceful (which ties into my whole design aesthetic - hence the blog name!). The light fixture is quickly becoming one of my favorite styles. I would really love to have this or something similar over my dining room table. The simple drapes and neutral colors give this space a restful feeling.

The dining room chair is reminescent of Arne Jacobsen's design. These chairs are Thomas' Greek lounge chairs for Baker Furniture. Barbara Barry uses this shape in her designs as well (she has a furniture line for Baker too).

Another fabulous dining room by Thomas Pheasant. Here he uses his Louis dining arm chairs from his Baker furniture line. The chinese inspired lantern in burnt red is the perfect compliment to the fabric Thomas chose for the dining chairs. Note that everything else in the room is neutral-toned, which balances out the room (design restraint!).

Another room by Thomas. This actually looks more like a living room which has a table and four chairs that can be used for dining or poker or conversation if the need arises. I love the chairs, the chest on the back wall and the pattern in the rug.

Here Jed Johnson Associates, Inc. uses a very serene palette of colors and furnishings. The pale blue on the walls sets the stage for the dark tabletop atop a greyish-cream toned base and chairs. The chandelier gives the room elegance and the mirrors pull it all together.

This dining room is by designer Sills Huniford Associates. This is a small room, but instead of drawing attention to the size, the designers put this fabulous table and cut-out chairs in it and placed an organized palette of prints on the wall. Huniford has a design book out called Dwellings: Living With Great Style. Check it out!

I like this dining room because of its simplicity and understated design. Designer Sills Huniford Associates.

I love the wallpaper in this dining room by designer Thad Hayes, Inc. Thad has a new design book coming out in 2009 called Thad Hayes: The Tailored Interior. I can't wait to get it.

Designer Mariette Himes Gomez hit paydirt on this dining area. The brilliance of putting a curved, skirted sofa up next to a round table and adding two armchairs in a beautiful fabric is beyond perfect for me. I would definitely have this in my home. Architectural Digest.

Indoor/outdoor dining spaces are all the rage and this one is even made better by the assemblage of chairs and fabulous bench. Designer Randolph Duke - Architectural Digest.

This scanned picture isn't very clear, but I had to include it in my favorite dining rooms to love. I guess the tall french doors leading into this space and those cane-back chairs along with that settee on the back wall just make my heart flutter a bit.

I don't know if it is the lighting in this photo or the elements of the room (I think it is a little of both), but this looks like it could be a dining room for a movie star of the 40's or 50's, such as Grace Kelly or Ingrid Bergman. Designer Stephanie Henley - Architectural Digest.

Have a great week everyone!


Willow said...
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The City Sage said...

I LOVE the bookshelves in Katie Lee Joel's dining room. I'm a little obsessed with shelves that look like they came from a back room in a library or a open and airy but a little antique-y, too!

gorgeous post as usual. thanks!

annechovie said...

Some beautiful choices, Rebecca. Have a great weekend!


great inspirations love them

anya f said...

love love love the leather and chrome "bamboo" chairs! have been looking for these chairs, featured in Domino Magazine dec/jan 2007, for some time now. can anyone tell me how to get these chairs? thank you.

Rebecca@Harmony and Home said...

Hi Anya F,

You didn't leave an email or way to respond to you, so hopefully you will check back here for this comment. I don't have the source of that picture, but I know that that style of chair can be found pretty much everywhere... Ballard Designs to high end design shops. If you want that chair exactly, I can get a quote for you through my fabrication shop. A lot of times to have something made is not that much more expensive than buying it off the shelves. Good luck! Becky

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