Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Raggedy Heart and Julie Marcotte

Julie Marcotte's Beautiful Raggedy Dolls

There is a local shop we have in Morgan Hill, California called The Raggedy Heart. I will blog about it more in the next week or two. They really have some wonderful products. It's one of those shops that you want to just linger in for awhile.

My absolute favorite thing that is the shop are these dolls by Julie Marcotte, called My Raggedy Dolls. I'm totally and utterly in love with these dolls. I don't collect anything really, as I'm not into clutter, but there are some things that just grab me by the arm, place me straight in front of them and sing to me. These little dolls are one of those things! And the one above, in particular, has captured my heart.

So, I just couldn't let it go.... I had to go straight to the source - Julie Marcotte - and ask her a few questions about her dolls.

H&H: Hi Julie.... I absolutely love your dolls! What was your inspiration for them?

Julie: Thank you Becky!! My inspiration is my love for all things miniature! I completely fell in love with my first little raggedy doll that I made and knew I had to keep going!! The more I create, the more ideas I get for future dolls. I have no rules and they just evolve over time. I was originally going to create traditional Raggedy Ann dolls, but I tried different things and the raggedies you see on my website are my latest styles.

H&H: How long have you been in business and where can we find your dolls?

Julie: I have been in business since January, 2006. I started selling on ebay, then created my website, You can also find my dolls at and "The Raggedy Heart" in California.

H&H: Do you have any other products? Do you have another job/life that you do in tandem with making these dolls?

Julie: Yes, I also have patterns for some of my raggedies that I sell on my website and I do make other things, but I have been concentrating on these dolls for the last year. This is my life!!!! My office is just down the hall and that is where I live all week!!! It has always been my dream to be able to work at home, so I truly enjoy every moment!!!

H&H: Have you been sewing your whole life? Who taught you how to make these gems?

Julie: My Mother had a fabric store in our living room while we were growing up, so I had access to the supplies to sew clothing, purses, quilts, etc.!! She taught me everything I know about sewing, but I didn't like it until I discovered making dolls when my children were small. Now that my daughter Ashlee is 21 and my son Josh is 22, I am in a raggedy doll wonderland!!!

H&H: What is your design philosophy?

Julie: I am continually intrigued with antique items. My art began to immerge when I learned how to stain and sand the dolls to make them look worn and primitive. I cannot make a doll that is not worn out!!!!!

H&H: What is your favorite piece (of furniture, art, anything!) in your house and why?

Julie: This summer, my brother stayed with us for a month and taught me how to install knotty pine paneling in my home. Check out my blog at to see photos of my dining room before and after!! I am going to do the entire house like this because I have always wanted to live in a cabin! It is especially exciting to me, because I never thought I would be able to operate power tools, and I CAN NOW!!!!! my new walls are my favorite part of the house!!!

H&H: I'm impressed! A woman with power tools is a beautiful thing! This little doll above is my favorite. Tell me how you came to create her!

Julie: Belindy is from the original Raggedy Ann & Andy stories, and I have researched the history and styles of her character. This little one is my version!! I LOVE birds too!!!

H&H: Do you have children? And if so, do they play with your beautiful creations?

Julie: Josh and Ashlee admire my work, which still amazes me!! They are so young, and it seems that they would not be interested, but they are very sincere when they tell me what their opinion is when I finish a new one!!! My Dear Ashlee is still waiting for me to make the one that she loves!!! Josh is a photographer, so he lets me know when my photos might not measure up!!!

H&H: Do you take custom orders?

Julie: Yes!! Yes!!! and Yes!!!!

H&H: Thanks Julie for your time! What's next for you?

Julie: I want to create some primitive Christmas ornaments this year!!! I have lots of ideas rolling around in my head!! I have to sort them out and get busy!!

OMG!! This is Julie's home office where she creates all of these adorable dolls. It is so inventive and precious! I'm loving it and her more and more!

Another view of her office. Are those Orange Crush boxes that I see that are used as storage? Priceless! Julie picked them up at a local berry farm for $1.00 a piece (what a find!)... Julie, you could seriously be our next Mary Engelbreit!

This has nothing to do with Julie's Raggedy dolls, but is just a peak into her funky blog style at her blog....

Thank you Julie. I can't wait to see more of your dolls and your Christmas ornaments! I hope that many people see your work because you truly create beautiful dolls.

On another note...

If you have not seen the new October issue of Town and Country, you must pick it up to check out Michael Smith's (as you know, my favorite designer!) remodel of a flat in Belgravia for a Los Angeles couple. And the result is nothing short of outstanding. I tried to copy the pictures into my blog, but I'm having technical issues! I'll try to work it out and put them on my next post.

Have a great week everyone!


Cote de Texas said...

those are soooo adorable!!!

i saw the MIchael Smith home too - it is unreal, gorgeous.

and thanks for the comment, much appreciated.


Carolina said...

My English is very bad.
The dolls are beautiful.


Rebecca@Harmony and Home said...

Thank you Carolina!