Saturday, November 15, 2008

Carrara Marble and Rooms With A View

Before I get to my blog, I want to thank Anne over at The City Sage ( for her kind portrayal of my favorite books. She is doing a wonderful series on her blog called "Blogger Book Love" that is so fun to read. After all, when I want to know if a book is worth my time or not, the first thing I do is read every review I can get my hands on. Anne has done that for you with some of her blogger friends. Check it out and her blog. She has an incredible knack for finding great pictures and is ever so witty in her writing. Thanks Anne!

Onto my blog this week....

Carrara is a city in the province of Massa-Carrara (Tuscany, Italy), famous for the white or blue-gray marble quarried there. It is on the Carrione River, about 100 km west-northwest of Florence. My obsession with carrara marble isn't new, but whenever I see a fantastic space with my beloved carrara, my obsession flares up all over again!

This kitchen back wall is tiled in Calacatta Gold marble. The vent for the Viking Professional 36" range is hidden behind a curved archway that echoes the doorways in the house. House Beautiful.

The kitchen countertops and alcove walls are made from large slabs of Calcutta Gold marble. I love the dark wood with the marble. It’s fantastic. My only fear would be getting that beautiful backsplash dirty and greasy from the cooktop. House Beautiful.

Here they use traditional white marble on the countertop in this decidedly farm-house inspired kitchen. House Beautiful.

This simple, but beautiful marble table lamp is designed by J. Powers for Visual Comfort. House Beautiful.

A kitchen from the Christopher Peacock website. His work and cabinetry are so beautiful and timeless. Perfect for marble countertops.

Butcher Block meets carrara marble. Not conventional, but I like it! However, I would like to see a little more contrast between the countertops and the cabinetry.

Another Christopher Peacock Kitchen – from his website. Couldn’t you just sit in this kitchen for hours with your best friend and a pot of tea?

And, in case you have $8 million dollars laying around, I’ve got a great piece of property for you…

A San Francisco Italianate property currently on the market.

The view from one side of their house. The dome is San Francisco’s Exploratorium. It’s a beautiful area of the city. If you ever visit San Francisco, this is a must-see.

View of Alcatraz Island from another side of their house.

Beautiful back yard, with built-in fireplace and fountains.

Living room with one of those beautiful views. I like the herringbone floors. However, the decor is dated, don’t you think?

One more for you. A Sea Cliff Home on the Bay. Roughly around $6 million dollars! They look small from the front don’t they?

Living room with great corner window that takes advantage of the view. The rug adds a very cozy feel to the room and is perfect for this space.

Another view of the room above. Great entertaining space with that grand piano and views to spare.

Dining room of same home. A bit cramped and I’d really have to cover those teal cushions!

Balcony view of the San Francisco Gate Bridge. They caught this picture on a beautiful day.

And my favorite…

Chemical Engine House 44 originally built in 1909 and served as a San Francisco firehouse until 1959. The home has recently undergone an extensive renovation and is now a modern masterpiece.

The brilliant renovation includes 4 levels of unique living space as well as an observatory tower, large wine cellar and tasting room; all designed for modern living.
Features that make this home a standout include an impressive glass and reclaimed lumber staircase, two story family room with a wall of glass, gourmet “loft” kitchen with adjoining catering kitchen, original 4 story staircase and zinc clad doors, roof terrace and dramatic observatory tower with 360 degree views.

Bedroom with very cool flush fireplace, built-in plasma, and what looks like runner light panels along the wall. If anyone knows what these are, please feel free to send me a note.

Balcony with fabulous built-in seat. Great for a party.

Modern kitchen with large glass panels along the backsplash. Blue/black granite tie in nicely. I know they are going for an industrial feel here, but I would prefer different stools (something with a back) and unless that grey wall on the left is a chalkboard wall, I would change up the color.

Living room. Notice the railing in the back that overlooks the front entrance to the home. Another flush-mount fireplace is in the back corner for those chilly San Francisco winters (and summers!).


Ivy Lane said...

La La LOVELY!!!! :)

Jackie Von Tobel said...

Gorgeous homes I especially love the Italianate style. My daughter is living in San Francisco going to design school. I love seeing all of the great architecture there when I visit.

Anonymous said...

So many gorgeous images that I don't know where to start! So I'm just going to talk about my extreme lust for that farmhouse-inspired kitchen from House Beautiful. I want the ceiling beams, the pendant lamps, the subway tile backsplash, the slightly jeffersonian counter stools, the brick fireplace (that seems to be shared with the room on the other side!), oh, and the huge mother of a gas range.

I want it all, tied in a bow and delivered to me ASAP!

And then I can figure out how to fit it into my tiny one bedroom apartment :)

A gorgeous post as always Becky! Hope you had a smashing weekend!

Linda Lou said...

i want that Christopher Peacockc carrera marble too, was gonna put it in my master bath, but chose limestone instead, maybe my next house. Beautiful photos as usual!

ALL THE BEST said...

You are now happily on my blog roll!

Callie Grayson said...

i so want a carrara kitchen, everyone gives me grief but i don't care if it stains. It has been used in europe in bake shops, bars and restaurants and over the years it just patina's (nice word for stains) well.
I love that top photo with the viking range and the stainless steel shelve and the marble "lusting"