Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hitting A Brick Wall

There are a few things that I’m absolutely in love with. Hosta plants, tea, chocolate, griege, beautiful bergères and a gorgeously made bed to name of few. But none of these are as striking to me as a brick wall in the interior of a home. I just LOVE the look. And, as the pictures below will testify, brick works just about anywhere from the most formal of homes, to the urban loft.

Check out these beautiful brick walls I found….

Though this house is in Houston, its inspiration is a neoclassical villa. Designer J. Randall Powers brings in classical design elements but balances them with this fantastic wall with its arches into the adjoining room. That, accompanied with the stone fireplace with pass-through makes this room a winner for me.

In the same home, a breakfast room with banquette and upholstered armless chairs are situated along another brick wall, complete with a beautiful lantern and ceiling beams. Everything a girl could ask for! The lantern is by my favorite designer, Michael Smith (Design for Jasper). Designer J. Randall Powers.

Finally, in the same home, an open porch is outfitted with various pieces of indoor and outdoor furniture, all surrounded by the brick again. It gives the space more of a formality I think. House Beautiful. Designer J. Randall Powers.

The Bryan School Lofts in Washington, D.C. Brick is a background that suits almost any furniture style or color palette.

Another Bryan School Loft. I love the industrial look of the iron stairs along the brick wall.

picture of Fort Point Place Lofts for sale

Lofts in Boston. I like the exposed beams above, that add to the spare minimalist feel. I believe this room is just staged for sale purposes. It needs a bit more furniture I think.

Loft Eleven: Loft Eleven Terrace Room Product Display

Loft Eleven in New York, NY. I believe this is a social gathering place. Check out all those prop TVs in the room. How fun. The elegant chandeliers are an interesting juxtaposition with the brick wall.

Loft 12 Chandeliers

Loft Twelve, New York, NY. Fun art showcased on the brick.

Loft 12 Cigar Parties

Loft Twelve, New York, NY. Another staged space. Another elegant chandelier! Love the views.

Loft 12 Private Parties

Loft Twelve. Maybe the same space? Different furniture?

Suzanne Lovell

In an abandoned artillery shed near Lake Michigan designer Suzanne Lovell renovated the above home (exterior and interior photo). She drew from the brick facade and brought it inside to frame out the fabulous arched windows.

Another arched entrance from a covered patio. I love the bougainvillea next to the brick.

The mosaic tiles all over this bathroom are fabulous, but the blue bricks on the outer wall really add a beautiful balance and texture to the room. I love it. Architecture and Interior Design by Frederick Biehle Erika Hinrichs.

Enjoy your week…

Remember…. No matter how wonderful our dreams, how noble our ideals, or how high our hopes, ultimately we need courage to make them a reality. Without action, it's as if they never existed.


vicki archer said...

Love the lofts Becky. I always fancied living in a loft and that is on my to do list! Great images xv

Anonymous said...

What a great set of images! You've done a great job showing how the exposed brick can work with a variety of styles, not just with the urban loft look that I normally associate it with.

I especially love those archways on that patio, and the pass through fireplace SLAYS me!

Oh, and hostas ARE the king of garden plants :)

Gorgeous post as always Becky!

Cote de Texas said...

I'm partial to the Randy Powers home - I adore that and the owners too!

thanks for the great comments and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Callie Grayson said...

found you via anne at "the city sage:
I too have a love for brick walls. that bathroom with the mosaic tiles and blue bricks is to die for! I lusting after a bathroom that beautiful!

Ashley said...

ooh. i like brick, but these pictures make me like it even more! great collection!

nkp said...

That Randy Powers home is completely drool-worthy, in fact, I'm mopping up my screen as we speak! Great post!

bodisatvah said...

Hey guys, I just moved into a brick place but I have no idea how to make my place look as "drool-worthy" as those places. I have a post on apartment therapy:

I'm desperate for advise. Thanks guys!

loving. living. small. said...

loving that DC loft! The brick wall, blue couch, iron railing for the stairs - fab!