Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I’ve Been Tagged!

Over the weekend I was tagged by Anne at The City Sage  to share seven random things about myself.  Since my blog is relatively new I haven’t been asked to participate yet in these tag games, so I’m happy to have joined the game!   So here are my seven randoms:

I am told that my great-grandfather was the artist who created the Pegasus logo for the old Mobile gas stations.  I’m still checking into the authenticity of this.  But, here’s a short history of it.

Mobil Gas Station Pegasus Sign by anglerove.

The Pegasus symbol was used by the Standard Oil Company of New York in the earliest days of oil refineries and filling stations. The logo first appeared on their gas pumps and petroleum products in 1911. When the Standard Oil Trust was broken up by the Supreme Court in 1911, two of its divisions, Standard Oil Company of New York and the Vacuum Oil Company merged. The former brought with it the Pegasus logo, the latter brought the Mobilgas name.

The Pegasus appeared on Mobilgas products beginning in 1911, but it was in 1931 with the forming of Socony-Vacuum that it was officially adopted as a trademark. The flying horse was first colored red by an artist at the Mobil Sekiyu division in Japan. A major makeover was done in the 1930s by the commercial illustrator Robert “Rex” Elmer. Not only was it given a cleaner and more graphic appearance, but the horse now flew from left to right, as opposed to from right to left. Through the years there have been gradual changes made to the rendering of the red horse, but the symbol itself has stood iconic for Mobilgas. The Pegasus symbol is still used today by ExxonMobil.


I was born on April 14th, which is the same day Abraham Lincoln was shot. April 14th is also the same day the Titantic struck an iceberg and met her icy fate. However, on a more positive note, I share my birthday with some interesting notables, British actor Julie Christie, Sir John Gielgud, Anne Sullivan (Helen Keller’s teacher), and Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom (daughter to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert).


When I was a child, I named my favorite cat Molly and later in life I would meet a real-life Molly, who became the Godmother to my firstborn. I also had a cat named Tom, who was a man I was crazy about until my husband came along. Spooky, huh?

books and tea by SunStones.

Books and tea are comforts in my life. Without them, life would be markedly less interesting and enjoyable.

One of my relatives, Dr. Kierstead came over on one of the first colonizing sailing ships to America. 

Bed Linens - White Linen & White/Ivory Prima Cotton Ensemble

One of my greatest pleasures in life is my 400 threat count sheets which sits atop my memory foam mattress topper on my bed. Every night when I get into bed, I wonder why I don’t spend more time there! It’s SO comfy!

I loved the “I Dream of Jeannie” television show SO much as a child, that I asked my Mom to make me a new Jeannie costume three years running for Halloween – every year a different color.  Sorry Mom!

I’m going to tag Vicki at French Essence, Eddie at Eddie Ross, Ronda at All The Best, Kristin at Simply Grove,  Danielle at The Style Files, Ashley at Decorology and Claudia at The Paris Apartment.

Thanks for participating!


vicki archer said...

Thank you - I will get on to it real soon. xv

PS I absolutely LOVED, I Dream of Jeannie - even sat through Dallas because of Larry Hagman!

Anonymous said...

oh my god I love love LOVED I Dream Of Jeannie. Have you ever been to the Roxbury Hotel in the Catskills? All the rooms have themes and one of them is the Jeannie Bottle room. Themes can be scary, I know, but this one's totally fun. Jaithan and I went there with friends last year for fall antiquing. Loved it! Have a great day, and thanks for the mention.

Linda Lou said...

It is always so interesting and revealing to read random things about ourselves and others...I sure did like I Dream of Jeannie too. I cannot live without books and COFFEE and wine too!!! Love those 400 thread count sheets, especially when you first slip under them on a cold night!.

The City Sage said...

Mmmm...sheets. I'm still trying to convince myself to use some of our wedding money to get some sheets from Matteo, an amazing linens company based in L.A. I'm worried if I do, I'll NEVER get out of bed!

And you lucky girl with your genie costumes! I always had to be something 'sensible' for halloween, and my costume was usually lined with felt to keep me warm. the result was that I looked like a very chubby witch, clown, etc. But when I went away to college I lived it up and went as a harem girl complete with chiffon face scarf...and big false eyelashes of course. best halloween ever! so worth the wait, and there wasn't a scrap of felt in sight :)

great random facts m'dear!

Cote de Texas said...

I love the one about the Pegasus - fascinating! and the bed - love that!!!

IHelpU said...

This is hilarious. I was searching for the designer of the flyer red Pegasus Mobil logo because I was told my great - granduncle was the artist. So....???? I came across the same clip about Robert Rex Elmer & Standard Oil... I am still trying to pull facts together. It doesnt seem that this famous logo should be so difficult to fact check... but here we are... perhaps related... perhaps just chasing a dream.