Friday, December 12, 2008

A Designer’s Best Friend

Interior Design and Architecture is my passion.  I love it.  I never tire of looking at magazines and books filled to the brim with spectacular rooms, lovely fabrics, cleverly designed spaces or beautiful lines.  I’ve gone through a school program to become an interior designer and while I’ve learned SO much, there are so many things that they just don’t teach you or tell you about in school.  For that, I exchange information with my interior design friends and peers and I often resort to my favorite resource…. Google search!

 Office by Designer Robert Passal

(Designer Robert Passal – Love the lines in this space).

There are a few things that make an interior designer’s life a little easier and I searched out a few more.  Enjoy… and if you have any others that you love to use in your interior designing (whether you work in interior design or just admire it), please write and let me know!

 FastCap PSSP25 25 foot Pad Standard Story Pole Measuring Tape

This first item is a bit, well…boring.  But wait!  Fastcap, a company that makes all kinds of gadgets and tools for home improvements has come up with a whole line of measuring tapes to suit every need.  This little beauty here offers an erasable notepad right on the measure AND one side of the rule is blank for your own markings.  It also has a pencil sharpener built into it.  You can find this item here!

Fastcap also has a righty/lefty tape measure, a reverse measuring tape, and a metric/metric reverse measuring tape.  Very cool.

If you want to create a picture headboard wall (Thomas Pheasant Design), like this….

 Bedroom Thomas Pheasant

You might want to check this out…

Zircon Laser Ball 360, Laser Level

This Zircon LaserBall 360 has a unique mounting system and very flexible laser pointer.  All you have to do is peel off the strip tape on the back of the metal cup that the ball magnetically clips into, point in the direction of your choice (with a glowing bubble level in the front window for assistance) and your off to the races!   This looks fun to use!  More details here!

To create a fabulous hallway like this….

Hallway Designer Thomas Pheasant

(Thomas Peasant Design)

You should definitely get this….

CST - LaserMark 58-MP3 Self-Leveling 3-Beam Laser Plumb Bob

I think this one is my favorite.  This is CST Lasermark 58-MP3 Self-Leveling 3-Beam Laser Plumb Bob 2 (LOVE the name!).  With this little gadget, you can set it on a dining room table, exactly where you want to center your new chandelier over your table, press a button and a laser will go straight up to the exact spot where you need to install your light.  Genius!  This one also has a horizontal laser, as well as a downward laser,

This feature has a built-in magnet so that it attaches to magnetic surfaces, and is accurate within 1/4” up to 100 feet.  Santa, please leave this under my tree!  You can see more detail here!

Now, if you want to be able to create this….

Antoinette Loupe' Design

(Antoinette Loupe’ Design)

Then you might want to buy this….


Hang & Level - The Picture Hanging Tool


I love this item.  This is The Picture Hanging Tool by Under The Roof Decorating.  With this item, hanging pictures is so easy.  You just hook your picture onto the tool, hold the picture/tool up to the wall where you want the picture hung, remove your picture, press the button where your picture was and it marks where you need to put your nail or hook.  So easy and simple.  I actually have this tool and love it.


Deco Nails

And Under The Roof Decorating also has these very cool Deco nails.  The beauty in these is that you can hang a picture on them, and the picture won’t slip off.    Plus, and this is a big plus, these do not need to be secured into a stud.  Good for pictures up to 20 pounds.  I’m ordering these too!

Pyramex Hard Hat - Ratchet Suspension - Pink

For us women that are on construction sites (like I’ve been lately!), here is a feminine touch for you.  This pink hard hat by is just what the doctor ordered.  Only $7.00 too!

And to compliment your hard hat, these pink safety glasses are perfect.  Look cool while you are designing!   Available here!

Now you are set…. you can create the perfect room….

 Office by Thomas Pheasant - Architectural Digest

(Thomas Pheasant Design)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  Blog you soon!


nkp said...

Loved that post! Those are some excellent tools. Phew, now my husband and I will no longer be on the brink of a divorce every time I ask him to hang a frame!!! You can now add marriage counselor/savior to your resume. Oh, and I love that wall treatment in the first photo. Thanks for sharing. :0)

Callie Grayson said...

great post! i love the name Plumb bob 2, i need one of those! i am all about the right tools.
a girl needs certian items when we are on a construction site!!
on one of my jobs, the guys made me a wand out of ceiling grid hanging wire, duct tape and yellow marking paint! i love it. its a tool i bring to every project!

Anonymous said...

You have solved one of my big decorating problems with the picture hanging device and special nails----I have a whole ton of framed artwork and photos to hang, and my walls are still totally bare because I just haven't been able to work up the courage to do all that finicky measuring and fiddling. You're a lifesaver Becky! Hope your weekend is going well :)

The City Sage said...

P.S. Now if you could only find a way to magically hang my curtains without the huz and I ripping each others throats out...

Cote de Texas said...

great tips! I need to get one of these - or all of them? haha! I'm proud I have a leveler!!!

Haven and Home said...

You are speaking my language. I love gadgets, especially the tape measures! I just did a post on them last week, I know I am sad. Thanks for the great post!

la la Lovely said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.. and for your very sweet comment!
That picture hanger tool looks fabulous...
xx Trina

Linda Merrill said...

Oh - I love my laser level. These are great gadgets!