Monday, December 8, 2008

Not What I Had Planned

O.K., so I am not doing a post on gray flannel** (see end of post), because I could not secure all my resources (sounds SO official, doesn’t it????).  But, rest assured, I will be posting my gray flannel post soon.  In the meantime, I was working on this post below, which is all about masculine design.

I’m not your shabby chic type designer, nor am I your Rietveld stark Bauhaus designer, but I can find beauty in both of these styles and in almost everything in between.

I like clean, spare spaces, so I tend to gravitate toward masculine spaces or simple furnishings with clean lines.  Below I found a mish-mash of designs and decor that I find both masculine, clean and worthy of my living environment!


Although a bit boring (sorry Thad!) I tend to like this space because it has symmetry and is somewhat monotone throughout.  This room is calm and relaxed, even with the structured side chairs and glass and iron tables.  Designer Thad Hayes. 

Michael Kors Bedding.  Looks like a well-worn pinstripe suit and I just want to crawl into it!  Well, the paisley sheets might have to go, but I love the duvet!

This duvet is definitely masculine, but the leopard print pillow cases could pass for a touch of the feminine.  Nob Hill Bedding by Michael Kors.


Fifth Avenue Fiat

More uni-sex I think, but because of the grey drapery, boxy lampshades, small artwork above the fireplace mantle and even the sculpture on the left, it feels more masculine to me.   If this were my room though, I’d have to turn those chairs around to face the fireplace!  Design by Bray-Schaible.


Another view of the room above.  Paint 1991 by Guillermo Kuitca.  Velvet upholstered sofa and club chairs.

Kelly Hoppen is one of my favorite designers.  She puts out a pretty mean design book or two also!  Here, she simplified this dining room with the shallow side buffet table and sparse decor on the fabulous floating shelves in the back hallway.  Love the standing lamp!


Another design by Kelly Hoppen.  Here she uses sliding fabric panels across the full length of the back wall.  Love it!  The masculine decor is enriched with leather, chrome and glass everywhere.

One more by Kelly Hoppen.  Of the three pics included here, this is the least masculine, but I think she draws on masculine decor here with the fabric that covers this massive ottoman and brown leather side chairs that tie in with the brown accents throughout the room.  Very clean and fresh.

The use of multi-tonal browns, beiges and creams in this decor by designer Stephen Shadley is intended to give cohesiveness to the room, but I think it misses with those brown arm chairs along the back wall?  What do you think?

Same room, different view…. much better!  Ahhh… warm, inviting, simple, clean.  O.K., the chair isn’t exactly masculine (I’d say it is definitely feminine!).

Peter Marino

This home by Peter Marino (architecture and design) feels a bit lacking on personality with content, but filled with personality on finishes.  Those walls!  That door and transom unit!  The skylight!  The archway leading into the space!  Lovely!

Bedroom by K.A. Design Group is definitely masculine with it’s use of deep browns throughout.  Very rich and what a view!

Finally, this space designed by K.A. Design Group is effective in it’s simplicity.  The artwork and accent pillows pull it all together and add personality to an otherwise plain room.



**How do YOU spell grey/gray?

Is is a West Coast/East Coast thing?  A European/American thing?  Canadian?

Tomato versus To-mah-to thing?  Discuss!


Cote de Texas said...

beautiful gray images for such a gray day - just beautiful!

and - thank you for your very, very sweet comment - much appreciated!!!!

Anonymous said...

A fab collection of images as usual! I'm really loving that second set of Michale Kors bedding, and I agree that the leopard print takes it from nice to awesome. I also ADORE the idea of a floor lamp in an otherwise crisp and angled dining room. Usually you only see ceiling lights in a setting like this. what a fresh and welcome addition!

I spell grey with an 'e' and i think that's the canadian/british spelling. my american friends are always telling me it's with an 'a'.

but however you spell it, it's my fave color!

Callie Grayson said...

i spell grey with an "e"

Beautiful post. i love grey interiors, they are so comforting to me. You are always able to use pops of colour as with the flowers.....
those calla lillies are just divine!