Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold… Silver and Gold…. Everyone wishes for Silver and Gold.  How do you measure it’s worth?   Just by the pleasure it gives here on earth….

Inspired by a Woman’s Day magazine, I thought it would be fun to stretch my interior design blog today into some more sparkly items for the holidays….


Gold earrings hereGold dress hereGold purse hereGold shoes here.   Gold sunglasses here.



Silver handbag hereSilver earrings here.  Silver shoes hereSilver ring here.    Silver/Diamond sunglasses here.

And, this is an interior design blog, so I could not forego some interior design ideas for you as well.

Venetian Glass by Martino's Import Collection

Venetian Glass by  Martino's Import Collection


Silk Velvet - Opera by Holland & Sherry

Silk Velvet-Opera by Holland and Sherry.


Gold and Platinum “Pailette” Stemware can be found at Gore Dean.


The BeatrizBall Collection can be found here.

Amarillo 2 Silver Small Pendant Lamp

Amarillo 2 Silver Small Pendant Lamp can be found here.


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Thin Silver Plate Napkin Ring can be found at Gore Dean.


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Anichini Verona Throw can be found at Gore Dean.

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you have a little sparkle in your holiday!

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