Friday, January 9, 2009

Lazy Susan

I get a lot of interior design advertisements in my inbox daily and when I have time, I’ll check them out.  Today I came across a great company called Lazy Susan that has great products.

Naming its company after a common American fixture called the lazy susan, which is a round object that sits in the middle of a table and spins, thereby allowing easier access to everything on the susan, the company’s philosophy is to simplify life, allowing what one needs to come gently to the hand.   (I love this philosophy -  “to come gently to the hand”).  Originating in Japan in 1981 as a retail gift store, Lazy Susan’s slogan was “create your own lifestyle.” 

They offer contemporary home, executive and personal accessories that are “stylish, sleek and serene in design”.   The popularity of their accessories line afforded them the ability to continue developing products for interior design that help achieve “tranquil harmony” in the space you are designing.

Now Lazy Susan has a new website here where you can find their fabulous products.  Here are a few that I wouldn’t mind owning myself.

Large Steamer Trunk.  For stylish storage of just about anything.  However, it looks like it comes complete with a jewelry organizer.

Turquoise faux Crocco Box.  The color is fantastic on this box.  Beautiful enough to keep out on your dresser.

Metallic Lace Tray.  This could be used on a table as a beautiful place to reflect your candlelight, or placed vertically for display and to add a little glimmer to your room.

Zebrano Wood Magazine Rack.   Since I’m a magazine junkie, I’ve always got my eye open for stylish magazine storage.  This one fits the bill.

Parish Blue Thorn Glass Vase.  I love the concept of a thorny vase.  Let’s hope the thorns on the vase aren’t as sharp as the ones on a rose.

Silver Resin Artichoke Figurine.  I’m not one for figurines throughout my home, but I love the shape of artichokes.  This would be beautiful on a bookshelf.

Hanging Wood Finials.  Finally, these beautiful wood finials are fantastic, aren’t they?   I imagine you could use these in many different applications, but no matter where you use them, make sure they are in plain sight for all to see.

Have a great weekend!

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Erin said...

Hi Rebecca, I'd LOVE to take a trip to Australia. These pictures are just amazing!!!

So glad you found (and commented) on my House of Turquoise blog. Yes, it can be daunting finding pictures, but I'm still finding new ones every day. You'd be surprised at how much turquoise is out there when you start looking!