Sunday, March 15, 2009

Monochromatic Dreams

I used to think that I wanted an all-white or all light-carmel colored room.  Those days are gone, but when I see photos like the ones below, it makes me rethink that idea.


This home, located in the Annapolis community of Epping Forest, was done in mostly whites, with accents of black and stone.

A row of eighteenth-century stone life-size warrior statues are lined up along this window wall, adding drama to an already incredible view.  

Love the Saladino styled sofa with the periwinkle accent pillows.   It’s just enough to add a punch to the room, but the color is not perfect as to upset the monochromatic theme.


The abstract art on the wall of this entrance area is a perfect welcome to this home.  The lantern is fantastic with its details.

This patio breakfast area is surrounded by stone urns.  Note the slipcovered chairs for easy clean-up.


Gunkelman Flesher

The three photos above are from the design firm Gunkelman Flesher.  They do such beautiful work.  Check them out here.  These three monochromatic spaces exemplify the ease at which they pull off this look.


I can’t tell if it is wallpaper or a faux wall treatment, but the colors in the wall, combined with the floor to ceiling drapery give this room a sense of calm and cohesiveness.


I imagine this room to be in an Italian chateau and right outside those doors is an incredible garden that goes on for days.    The dark floors ground the space and make it wonderful all at the same time.

I’d love to see some of your favorite monochromatic rooms.  Have a great week everyone!


vicki archer said...

These are gorgeous images - I especially love the breakfast table with the large urns in the background, xv.

Callie Grayson said...

i love the center piece on the table with the shells and the branch painted a coral colour to look like coral. I did something similar for a wedding once.
the last image, i looovvvve that living room. I so want those floors in my home!!!

Cote de Texas said...

I love this - each and every picture!!! the last one is stunning!!!! omg - too hard to pick a favorite.

thank you so much for your comment. As for making money - it never was my intent to make money - shoot, when I started I didn't even know you could! I just wanted a reader when I started!!!!!