Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

Ironically enough, I’m sitting here watching Queen Live at Wembley Stadium (1986 concert) and surfing the net while I’m doing it.  And, much to my dismay, I’ve discovered that yet another shelter magazine is “biting the dust”.

Yes, Western Interiors and Design just published its last issue.  New owner Sandow Media will merge it into Luxe, a national network of 11 regional luxury magazines.  14 more are planned.   Western Interiors was readable online, which I loved if I couldn’t get to the store to get the latest copy.  I’ll miss it!

Here are some images that came out of this wonderful magazine…


From their current issue.   Designer C. Renea Abbott.  Home in Houston, Texas.


Spa Luce.  Renaissance Hollywood Hotel, 1755 North Highland Avenue, Los Angeles.   Designer Kerry Joyce. 



Beverly Hills home.  Designer Mary McDonald.   I love everything about this space.



Same Beverly Hills home as above.  Designer Mary McDonald.



One more room from the same house.  I just love Mary McDonald’s style!



Bedroom from home in San Jose’ del Cabo, Mexico.  Designer Kara Mann.


Same home as above.   Designer Kara Mann.  Look at that fabulous headboard!


Los Angeles home.  Kenneth Brown designer.


Have a wonderful blessed Easter!

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Callie Grayson said...

I just tagged you!

Things That Inspire said...

One of my favorite design magazine spreads ever was a Jan Showers home in Western Interiors. Although I did not read it all the time, when I did I thought it was a cut above the rest.

Cote de Texas said...

i thought that they were going to be like the veranda of califonia but no. i hate this - who is left?

Linda/"Mom" said...

* THIS was about the ONLY ONE that consistently spoke to MY design aesthetic & addressed my need for "that" particular feel/look & info. (And I just RENEWED my suscription & was not TOLD of this? For shame on them!). I have a feeling my day just isn't going to go as well as I'd thought!~~~ Well, at least I appreciate the info! Best, Linda *

alice said...

Oh my goodness NOOOO!!!! I am so so so disapointed! I love Western Interiors- such a great and emerging magazine. This economy is realy getting on my design addicted nerves!!! Gosh, I hope this same fate doesn't get to any of the other great mags out there!