Sunday, April 26, 2009

Make This A Room #2

I got a lot of great comments about the “Make This A Room” post I did a couple weeks ago, so I thought I’d do it again.  After all, it was fun, and it’s interesting to see how fashion and interior design play off of each other and really do have universal rules.

Again, most of the beautiful dresses are from



Designer Robert Kaner.  I love how the black and white checks in the floor pick up on the design in the dress.



Thad Hayes

From the very talented Thad Hayes, Inc. Interiors.    Wow!   A lot of yellow!  Could you sleep in this room? 


I love the dresses from Blanka.  They are incredible!  But, where would I wear them???

 Purple Room

From Color in the American Home.  The purples and golds of this room emulate the same colors in the dress.  They compliment each other beautifully.



Georgian Revival Home designed by Robert Kaner.




  This seating area is surrounded by a mirrored wall treatment, which reflects the streamlined lights that run the length of the room.


Hamilton Design Associates.  Just enough purple.


Happy Sunday everyone!


Things That Inspire said...

Very cool post! I love the first image - a painting over a bench always works for me, especially if the painting is contemporary!

Devon said...

Hi Rebecca! I thought you might be interested in this event coming up, the Lafayette Juniors Kitchen Tour.
Love your blog!

Bayou Contessa said...

Not only are these images gorgeous, it's very fascinating to see the fashion inspirations reflected in the interiors you chose. This is great and gives me something to ponder. Thank you!

LindsB said...

What beautiful dresses paired with beautiful rooms- love this post!

vicki archer said...

Fantastic and so well co-ordinated Becky, xv.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Super post. I love all of your pictures and combinations. I think the yellow room is well done. That is hard color to do so much of, he got it right.

katiedid said...

What a fun post! And what beautiful images! Your pairings are perfect.

So happy to have found you via Vicente Wolf's blog. I am in NorCal too...let's get him out here!