Sunday, May 24, 2009

Harmony in the Home

I got to thinking about why I originally put together this blog.  At first, it was a desire to speak interior design with all the other designers and bloggers out there who had such incredible blogs and information to share.  Some of my favorites are;  French Essence, The City Sage, Cote de Texas, Grayson:  A Different Shade of Grey, and Tobi Fairley.

But, then I thought about my blog name.  Harmony and Home.  Where balance, serenity and living come together.  I try to achieve this everyday in my life, because life can be so chaotic.

So, in an effort to speak harmonious homes to you, I thought about what makes a home harmonious to me.  Symmetry, balance, organic materials, and simple color palettes are a start.  So, I’ve gathered together some wonderful images that speak Harmony and Home to me.



111 interior concepts 

Here on this stone porch is a wonderful mix of wood, cane and rattan.  Plus, the simple color palette, with the blue/grey flagstone, the coordinating table color and the coordinating color on the siding of the home make this space feel very relaxing.

Barclay Butera 1

Again, more rattan in this beach home designed by Barclay Butera.  Plants add life to a room as well.  If possible, I try to incorporate a little green into each room.

Bedroom - Lori Dennis Designer - Fine Living

Lori Dennis Designer had wonderful bones to begin with in designing this space.  The incredible wood plank ceiling gives this room an instant earthy feel.  Add a some succulents, a great large floor mirror to reflect all the organic elements of the room and you have peaceful living.


This James Radin designed bedroom with the seagrass wallcovering is one of my favorite ways to incorporate organic material into a room.  I love how he paired the bedspread with the wonderful picture on the wall.



Thomas Pheasant is one of my favorite designers.  The man just knows how to pull a room together.  It’s never overkill and it always just seems to have the right amount of furniture, accessories, pattern and color.  Here, he has a very neutral color scheme with creams and wood tones. 


Yes, it’s a bathroom and yes, a lot of bathrooms are white, but what sets this one apart for me are cool blue tones that are ever so slightly added to the wallpaper, the color of the glass and even a touch of blue grey in the floor tile.   This is a bathroom that I could truly be quiet in for hours.

   Bedroom 3

Another one of my favorite color schemes is white with a straw color as shown here in this bedroom.  The bed is fantastic with it’s fabric weave and the lampshades, drapes and what looks like shell prints call up sweet dreams.

Living Room

I featured this picture in a post not long ago, but I’m repeating it here to show how simple and elegant white furniture is with dark wood.  This is splendor to me!



Living room - Chris Barrett - Fine Living

The two sofas facing each other provide wonderful symmetry and balance  to this room, whose focal point is of course that wonderfully tiled fireplace!  Gorgeous!  What does one look at first…. the fireplace or that beautiful tin ceiling?

Living Room 3

Here the room offers both symmetry, balance and a calm and simple color palette.  I love cane chairs and the chaise in front of the fireplace is perfect for laying back and reading a book while listening to a crackling fire.



Hamilton Design Associates made this wall as symmetrical as one can get with the bookcases, sconces and wall ornament surrounding the loveseat and tall mirror.



This Flatiron apartment by Goralnick Architecture and Design displays a good example of balance in the room.  The seating group is centered around a round glass coffee table and the two tall table lamps provide height at either end of the sofa.


Here designer James Radin balanced this bedroom with opposite chair with ottoman and chaise lounge.  He smartly placed a loveseat with a view to the exterior and kept the wall color simple.  The seagrass rug completes the beach house aesthetic.


Hamilton Design Associates balanced this dining room with the bench seat opposite the buffet.  The large round mirror reflects the exterior and opposing mirrored corner cabinets give the room an architectural element that is fantastic.

What is the most peaceful room in your home and why? 

EXCITING NEWS…. I will be having a contest soon where I will award one lucky reader a 40 x 40 framed piece of artwork.  Stay tuned for information on the fabulous company that is offering this to you.


vicki archer said...

Becky - fabulous post and your words are so true. 'Harmony' and 'Home' should always go together. Wonderful choice of images and they perfectly illustrate your point. My most peaceful room? I suppose my garden doesn't count but I do consider it an extension of my home and it is my most tranquil place to be, otherwise I would say my bedroom. xv

Cote de Texas said...

we have such similar taste. almost all of these photos are favorites of mine!!!!!!! strange. hhaha!!!

Anonymous said...

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Renae said...

Hey there!
Thanks so much for visiting me! I am adding you to my faves..I adore what I have seen so far. What you showed on "Symmetry" is great. Great minds think alike as I did a post on Symmetry a few days ago!
I will be in SF this weekend! My hubby and some friends of ours are joining a group and bicycling up the coast and back down for a week long ride! Haven't been in years and miss all the good smells...can't wait for some "real" sourdough!
Blessings to you!

columnist said...

Great images - all of them! Thanks for dropping by. I will look forward to reading your blog regularly.

LindsB said...

I love the image with the white furniture and dark wood- that is so inviting to me.

I want to win the art!!! Yeah for contests!

Julie said...

Very good selection of images to represent nature and serenity. I also love seagrass wallpaper. I waited three months for my baby's nursery's seagrass wallpaper to arrive and I'm so glad I did.

P.S. thanks for the comment.

The City Sage said...

Thank you for the link love, dearest! So kind of you. And I love all your picks, of course, and the way you describe them to us is just the right mix of information and inspiration--simply perfecT!

Callie Grayson said...

Thank you for the link love, you are so sweet.

I always love reading your blog, especially this post on harmony and home. Your images with your words are very inspirational!

Things That Inspire said...

I love the last image - so beautiful. I often think about why dining rooms were oriented certain ways - this one looks like it goes across the width of the house, versus the depth - for a table with leaves, this is great as you can go out into the hall if you need extra room.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Beautiful images! I believe though that the picture with the large medieval looking fireplace has a painted wood ceiling, not tin! Great post!