Monday, June 22, 2009


I have a friend that I must tell you about.  I met her in design school and was immediately impressed by her knowledge of design and her unparalleled excellence in her projects and her work.  I’ve been wanting to blog about her for awhile now, but have just not sat down long enough to do her justice.  But, I decided that I’ve delayed long enough.  


Sushanta is a woman of incredible talent, drive and passion.

Where do I begin….

  • masters degree in microbiology
  • talented interior designer
  • certified green building professional
  • incredible artist
  • fantastic jewelry designer
  • photographer with a refined eye
  • Founder of Empowering World Change



Sushanta and Michelle Pine (on right) of Empowering World Change presenting at one of the local Silicon Valley Schools to teach green design and sustainability.

Sushanta surprised me on my first visit to her beautiful home.  She asked me if I wanted to see her studio where she does her “work”.  “Of course”, I replied.  Well, to say that I was impressed is an understatement in grand scale.   She is involved in so many aspects of art, design and green design that it is hard to fathom. 

Here is some of the mixed media artwork that Sushanta has done…

'Night out' diptych 60 x 40

“Night Out” diptych 60” x 40”

Jazz Series 1
48 x 24

Jazz Series 1 48 x 24




Washington D C Capitol

Washington DC Capital Charcoal


Here is some of her photography.  The color and clarity of these photos are so vivid and beautiful.

Photography – I want to make this into a pillow!

Photography – The beauty of Hawaii







Kunal & Bo

And here is Kunal, Sushanta’s beautiful (and very handsome) son and Bo.

Sushanta has her work shown on her website ArtnCreation.

Sushanta’s jewelry designs are equally as interesting and gorgeous.  Here is a sampling…




Gray beads, Jasper


Corals, with Jade and pearls


Her work speaks for itself.   Not only is Sushanta a beautiful artist and designer and supporter of world change, but she is a beautiful person inside as well.  I’m so glad to know her and I hope you visit her websites and get to know her a little as well!


Empowering World Change

One more note…. stay tuned for a great giveaway that I have coming up soon.   I will have a very nice light fixture to give away.  I’m working out the details now with the manufacturer!   One lucky winner’s life will be a little brighter soon (pun intended!).


Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

Your friend Sushanta's photography is absolutely breathtaking. The flowers and picture of the mountain behind the lake are just exquisite. The pink flower is my favorite!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! A true renaissance woman! I'd be so interested to know how her background in science has influenced her creative pursuits. Thanks for the intro, Becky!

Renae said...

Oh my...what a wonderfully talented lady. How does she find the time to do all the things she does and all so well?

Clarity said...

I admire prolific artists, truly talented and you are a true friend in your praise.

I like how her jewellery also has South African as well as Indian influences.

nicolette said...

I'm an interior designer, but I have also worked with boutiques, and arts. The colors of the photography and painting are very well laid out. Very beautiful