Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Design Inc. Snapshots

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Have you seen the show Design Inc. yet?  It’s in it’s fourth season and it comes on the Fine Living USA channel, HGTV Canada, BBC Canada, and Fine Living Canada.  It’s a wonderful show for many reasons; great designs, quirky personalities, the perfection of it all, but what I really like is their website here.

First there is the team:


Sarah Richardson is the head of the team and is quite the whip cracker.  She likes to get things done and get them done right.

The show typically goes through the process of fixing up one space.   On their website you can search for rooms that they have completed.  What you will get is a snapshot like this….



It’s fabulous!  It gives you a few pictures of the space they have designed, including the paint palette, plus the resources for the space all on one page.


And in addition to the resources on the room page, you can find further resource contact information on their “where to find it” page.


I suggest you do a little browsing and check out their work.   You can get some great ideas for your home and if you like something you see, you can duplicate it.




Have fun browsing!


LindsB said...

I love that they have all of the sources- fun stuff :)

Alicia said...

Tommy is my favorite. Hes soo funny. I do like Sarah a lot too. The shows great especialy when they show you the rejects & the rough patches. So many shows just make it look like nothing ever goes wrong.

Tracy @ comfortandluxury said...

I loved Sarah Richardson when she was on HGTV... both her personal and professional style... but we don't get Fine Living. Boo! Now I know I'm missing out on a lot of fun! I've been to her website many times though and really like it.

Clarity said...

Hurry up James... a few more hours.

I haven't come across that show but appreciate good decoraters.

Although the kitchen was well done, I think your taste (from the rooms you post) is generally more to my tastes than the redo's they've done.