Sunday, July 12, 2009

Imaginary Faces and Spaces

My Shades of Light giveaway was not claimed last week.  So, there was a new winner drawn.  Bondgirl!  Would you please contact me with your contact information?

Now onto today’s post!

I love to read, although I don’t have nearly as much time for it as I would like.   One of my favorite things to do is imagine how the homes and spaces of the main characters look like. 

I’ve also imagined what the space of a well known person would look like as well, if he were alive today.

Many room photos are from Inspace, Film and Shoot Location Specialists out of England.  Their work looks incredible and the homes in their portfolio are definitely interesting, as you will see below….


Cinderella, a poor servant girl, who dreams of love.


I can see Cinderella hard at work here in her very rustic kitchen, slaving away for her egotistical step-sisters and step-mother.  We’ll just call them Bernie, Bernadette and Bernice.


A few fineries can be found in Cinderellas home, but they are not new.   They are what is left from her father’s estate.



Hardwood distressed floors and stylish doors and wallpaper provide interesting details throughout her home.  Good bones, but not a lot of fluff.


Cinderella soaks away her aches and pains each night in this lovely claw-foot tub, while the fire that she built slowly burns.


At night, Cinderella retires to a simple full-size bed, in a simple monotone room, void of color or love.


The prince comes to question whether Cinderella is, in fact, his princess.  He asks her to sit on this beautiful fauteuil chair and we see the expression on his face in the closet mirrors, that goes from anticipation to relief and hope for a new future.


And they retire to the And the Prince and Princess retire to Peles Castle in Romania and of course… live happily ever after.

Jane Austen’s Emma

Gwyneth Paltrow as Emma










Emma Woodhouse, handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition loved to unite friends and family.  She had very little that distressed her, until she pondered finding love herself.


Home where Emma would live.  The conservatory being the place that she dreams up her matches.


A walled-garden where Emma sits with her friends and entices them to meet their mates.


Raised to think well of herself and having such a high opinion of her own worth, Emma is oblivious to the the opinions of others.  Emma sits in her simple, but stylish living room, thinking of who she might match up next.  Her choice of a bold wallpaper and long shag rug are choices she would not consult others about.


Romeo and Juliet

We all know the story of Romeo and Juliet.  Two lovers on opposites sides of the fence, who fall in love and it ends tragically.  Well, not in my version!  In my version the Montagues and  Capulets  come together for the sake of their young children.  Romeo and Juliet  find a cool flat in London and this is what it looks like….



Their home is young, fresh, and fun.  It expresses a start and glimpses of whimsy.


Their bedroom is somewhat romantic, with the lavender padded bed, but decidedly unfinished, as is their story.


Their bed faces a fireplace, that has no furniture in front of it.  Just a rug, where they lie together, on the animal rug, wrapped in each others arms.


This room expresses their young hopes for their relationship.  Because they are young, they are vain, hence the mirrors all over the place.  



A tribute to their families, the Montagues and Capulets are haphazardly placed on the wall near the entrance. 


James Dean


James Dean, the bad boy of the 60’s.  A movie star with a mind of his own.  He doesn’t need a flippin’ mansion!   No, he’s more a warehouse man, a loft man, a good bones and guts kind-of-guy.



Just give him some cool furniture and some architectural objects placed around his space and he’s good.


The natural lighting of this room offers great light for the dining area.  And the seating area is where Dean and his friends sit around smoking their Marlboros and laughing at how much money Dean makes for what he does.


The card catalog in the back is where Dean files all his fan mail!


Rudimentary bathroom stalls?  Ripped right out of an old bus station.  That’s all a man needs.



Dean was a good-looking guy with great hair.  He needed a mirror here and there to check his reflection.


The Little Mermaid


I love the story of the Little Mermaid.  Here Julianne Moore is shown as the mermaid with the dream.

Eric, Ariel’s Prince, builds Ariel a house she would feel comfortable in.  The Shell House in Isla Mujeres.

The kitchen is simple with sea blue cabinets and open shelving.  Location Works.

Eric and Ariel’s bed is hand-carbed and fit for a princess.  The room is decidedly feminine with the floral wallpaper and crystal chandelier.



Every mermaid needs a good tub to soak her tail in!

Whose home would you like to imagine? 


bondgirl said...


Thanks for the Shades of Light prize! Couldn't find your contact information elsewhere--hopefully this is okay. is my email.

Love your site--have swiped some great ideas for our renovation here.

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

What a cool idea! The "Jane Austen's Emma" house was beautiful and classic looking in the English countryside. The "Romeo and Juliet" house with the lavendar bed is just stunning and looks simple but elegant. Thanks for this post! So fun.

Callie Grayson said...

Can I move into Emma's house please? I can crochet pretty shawls and mittens for my keep.
very fun post!

Tracy @ comfortandluxury said...

Fun and very creative. Romeo and Juliet's flat is right on... who needs furniture when you're that young and beautiful and so much in love!

LindsB said...

What a well thought out post- I love the imagination and how you picked a house for each character. I think my favorite is Cinderella, even thought she is unhappy her home is still beautiful!

Kevin Connetta (sometimes assisted by molto bene wife). said...

Love this post! Loved all the spaces! Loved your imagination and vision! Norine Connetta (mb wife)

Torie Jayne said...

What a lovely idea, I love cinderella's bedroom and all of Romeo & Juliet, what beautiful imagery and delightful stories.

vicki archer said...

This is such fun Becky...lovely thoughts, xv.

Clarity said...

Congrats bondgirl!

Rebecca, this one of the best interiors / most imaginative posts ever!

I adore most of the rooms, white is my signature interiors colour. I adore the premise, the stories and the entire effort you put into this. Thank you R.

Alicia said...

I think you hit Dean's home right on the mark. Its cool with a sense of huis Midwestern youth that he could never shake.
I think of Alice's flat in London after returning from Wonderland.
Bright, whimsy & full of garden pieces.

Anonymous said...

A smashing post! I'll take Emma, thank you very much! Not only is Jane Austen one of my favourite authors of all time, but that space is just astounding!

Hope your summer is going well :) can you believe it's already half over?!

Ember said...

I love the lofts shots. One can only imagine the smells of living on an old factory floor.

You and your blogosphere won't want to miss the Julius Shulman exhibit.

Developing Designs said...

Oh, oh...can I be Juliet?? Any would do :) Very creative. Now I am happily dreaming of living in a fantasy world.