Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Winner and I Need Your Help!

I’m sorry I’m late in posting this! The winner for the beautiful Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition is Karen! Congratulations! However… Karen, I do not have your contact information. If you could leave a comment for me and provide your user name on the Junkmarket Style site and email address or blogsite, I will be in touch so that I can get your shipping information and we can get the book sent to you! If I do not hear from you within one week from today, unfortunately I will have redraw another winner! Congratulations again and I hope you enjoy the Junkmarket Style books as much as I do!

I’d also like to thank Sue Whitney from Junkmarket Style for the interview and also providing her Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition to the lucky winner! Thank you so much Sue!

I’ve been getting a few questions lately about resources that I’ve shown on my blog and in going back and researching them, I have not been able to ascertain the source of them. Unfortunately when I posted them, I either did not cite the source or it was not available to me at the time.

If any of you can help me determine where these items came from, I would be very grateful and so would the readers who are looking for them!


The first item is this “Biggy Piggy”. My original post had it listed for $59.00. Does anyone know where we can find this item?

This piggy was shown in my resources post here.

The second item is this bedspread…

One reader would love to know where to find this bedspread and unfortunately I did not have the resource for this either!

This bedspread was shown in my Purple post here.

And while (hopefully) some of you can help me with with these resources, I’d like to share a few photos from my weekend in San Francisco. We were touring around the Exploratorium area where I love the homes.


There are a lot of homes in the area like this. Iron balconies, columns on the face of the building, single garages and Mediterranean colors.


The texture on this building coupled with the turned columns on the balconies was interesting to me.


The famous Palace of Fine Arts. More about it here. Check out those carvings up top and those massive columns! This whole area is so beautiful. If you ever get the chance to visit San Francisco, try to stop by and see it.


These homes look directly across to the Palace of Fine Arts. What a beautiful site to wake up to!


While this building is not big on architecture, I found the blue shutters against the white surface interesting amongst all the other houses in the area.


I love the art deco tiles arched above the entrance here, however, the ironwork in the doorway is more art nouveau. Do you like the mix of styles? I’m not sure I do.


This house was actually up the hill from the Exploratorium area. I believe it was on Divisidero Street, home of many mansions! I love the arched window and balcony above. Absolutely beautiful.


The art deco details of this building are even above the doorway and garage entrances.


I find the wooden bump-out on this building interesting, considering the rest of the building is stucco. It’s very cathedral-esque, especially with the arched windows underneath. Do you like this?


A young Jewish couple was getting married here (they are seated on the bench). What a beautiful place to get married!

Enjoy the rest of your week! I’m off to Colorado for my niece’s wedding!


sarah @ realestatestyle said...

Great pics! Have a nice trip!

Tracy @ comfortandluxury said...

Sorry I can't help you with your resources, but I did want to stop and say your SF pics are gorgeous. I haven't been that far up the coast in way too long! My daughter brought back pics of the Palace from her first trip up there this summer. She was so taken by that whole area.. it reminded me of the first time I visited. I'll have to have a long talk with the hub and plan a getaway!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i love the special details on old buildings...too bad we don't see much of that with newer places. our cities would be so much prettier!

Clarity said...

I was too young to appreciate the architecture on visiting that city.

Thank you for the thinking of us with this tour.