Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Winner and Outfit to Room #3

We have a new winner for our Junkmarket Style contest! Debbie Smith from Love the Decor is our new winner! Congrats Debbie!

I’ve been itching to do another outfit to room post, so here we go again… these are fun to do. Enjoy and if you find a better matching room…let me know!

All dresses from Blanka.


Point, Click, Home. Elle Decor.


I couldn’t decide which I liked better… this one….or


this one. So I posted both! The Ugly Betty Set. Archie D’Arrico, Set Decorator.


Williams Sonoma Home Collection here.


Designer Rafael de Cardenas, Elle Decor, October 2008.


Designer Molly Luetkemeyer.


Notice the scallops on the bedspread matching the pattern in the dress.


Barclay Butera Design.


Mark Badgley and James Mischka’s home. Featured in SO CHIC: Glamorous Lives, Stylish Spaces.


Metropolitan Home, October 2007. Designer: Ron Marvin. The pattern in the rug made me pick this one. It mimics her dress pattern.


Hamilton Design Associates.


Ghislaine Vinas Interior Design

Have a wonderful week!


Love the Decor! said...

I am so excited to win the book! Thank-you so very much!!

Anonymous said...

Of the two you posted for the black and white dress, I like the first combo best---that chair is like the furniture incarnation of the gown!

love when you do these-you have such an eye :)

Clarity said...

Gosh you're creative. I don't think I'd have put those two separate branches together. The first choice on the top dress, much better.

Completely non-decor related though, WHO designed that beautiful red dress with the strappy leather concoction across it?

Developing Designs said...

Rebecca, How do you do it? What a gift, what an eye, and what a treat to see. I love these posts! I would be shocked if anyone could come up with anything better. :)

Cristin said...

What a fun, creative post! loved it.


Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE the combination of fashion and decor!!!

Renae said... have a fabulous eye! So much fun, I enjoyed!