Saturday, October 24, 2009

All Over The Place!

I’m a bit frenzied in this post, because there there are a couple things I want to tell you about and they aren’t all design related.


Rachel Whiting Photography Refresh Agency, UK

I’m a huge Amazon fan.  It makes my life so much easier for gift-giving.  Since my family is spread out all across the United States, I’ve often written up my gift list and Amazon usually can cover everything on it.  Plus, whenever I know about a new design book on the market, I can go to Amazon to check it out (and usually get the best price for it!).

Well, now they have a contest going on called Amazon’s 10th Anniversary Wishlist Sweepstakes and the prizes are incredible.  Ranging from new home electronics (55” HDTV) to a new dream kitchen with all new appliances.


All you do is go HERE and you’ll be linked to their sweepstakes.  You have to create a wishlist to enter, but that’s easy (and fun!).

And BTW FTC, I’m not getting paid to endorse this!  :)

Now for some house cleaning…

I would like to send a belated thank you to Sue Whitney of Junkmarket Style for the fabulous gift of her two books that I didn’t (but now do) own!  Sue was kind enough to send Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition and Junk Beautiful:  Room by Room Makeovers with Junkmarket Style to me in response to me writing a post on her!  Thank you Sue!  Love her and love her ingenious creations!  Visit Junkmarket Style to check her out!


Sue Whitney, Junkmarket Style

My post on Sue and her company Junkmarket Style can be found HERE.

Finally, I’ve been surfing around the internet and have a few fun sites for you to visit…

My friend, Teresa, sent me a link to Fit Click, which is a social fitness site for those who are interested with getting the right ratio of exercise to calories.  It’s free and it’s a wonderful site.

I’m a bit late in posting this, but my daughter and I made the BEST Mango Salsa this summer for a school project she had.  The site is called Great Salsa and it’s loaded with yummy recipes!

For fabulous design stories and pics like this…


and this….


visit the online magazine called Design TradeYou won’t regret it!  Full of great articles about all things interior design.


I love bright graphic pillows.  Check out some of Inhabit Living's new line of pillows….



 wallpapers and….


hanging fabric panels.  They are all incredible and the graphics are so vibrant and fun that I want to immediately design them into my space and my clients!

And finally, for a little eye candy, check out…..


Maria Trimball's MuralsEvery bit, if not more, gorgeous than the likes of  de Gournay or Gracie wallpapers.  See for yourself….






Beautiful, aren’t they?  Maria, if you are reading this, I have a dining room that needs your magic touch!

Have a lovely week!


Cote de Texas said...

those murals are just gorgeous! love them.

DesignTies said...
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DesignTies said...

Love the murals, especially the last, pretty, whimsical nursery one - so lovely!! And that antique (looking?) cabinet being used for a change table is delish!

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Rebecca. I feel a little funny writing about myself! Haha! You asked what my Inspiration Sheets look like. Well... I'm pretty new at this, but what I do is pull together some photos that reflect the direction I think my client should take for her/his room and I drop them into a PhotoShop document - add some text explaining my thoughts/ideas - make it look pretty - and then publish it as a PDF to send to her/him. My photos come from internet searches or from trips I've taken to local furniture, fabric, linen, etc. stores. A full furniture layout plan isn't included unless the client specifically request that additional service.
What do you do?

Victoria @ DesignTies

Dana said...

Hello Rebecca!

Those spaces are gorgeous!!
Thanks for the tip, I'll visit the mag!!

Your blog is fab! I would love to exchange links with you, please let me know!


Dana at Deco Love

maureen @ The Inglenook Decor said...

oh gosh, tons of eye candy! :)

Dana said...

Thank you so much Rebecca!!!
My URL is

You're already on my blogroll :)

Have a really nice week.



Michelle said...

What a great post...I'm going back to take a second read after I comment! Love the opening garden's stunning, and those murals are amazing as well! Nice finds.


Pink Pig said...

Once again many thanks for your blog full of inspiration. A must read!

Fifi Flowers said...

FUN 3-D mural on staircase!!!

Anonymous said...

Such inspiring prints!


Bonnie said...

Just discovered your blog and think I Love Your Place!