Friday, November 20, 2009

Capella Cabo

I need a little getaway.  Life has been stressful and I want to start planning an ocean vacation where I can sit back with a lemon drop (my new favorite drink) in my hand, having a very attentive staff wait on my every need and slowly, methodically, breathe in the ocean air.

I think I found just the place.


Capella Pedragal Residences and Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  I’ve never been to Mexico.  Never really had the desire, but, I find that it is calling to me now.


Sitting by the pool during the day and watching the sunset in the evening with the warm ocean breezes blowing through my hair.


Content to sleep in every morning while the breezes blow in through the  opening to the lanai and the sound of the waves lapping on shore wake me gently.



Soaking in my free-standing tub until I’m ready to go get some fresh fruit for breakfast.


Having breakfast on the patio with the waves crashing behind me.



Meeting friends or lovers for drinks in the fabulous bar with the bartender who listens intently to everything I have to say (whether I’m making sense or not!)



Then we move onto dinner overlooking the bay.    Acoustical music plays in the background as we enjoy our fresh seafood, our wine and our conversation.  We watch the marina bustle with activity and the noises of the city start to erupt in youthful play.



We take an evening stroll hand-in-hand and as we talk about our dreams and desires, we throw wishes up to the moon.



We have desert  in our own private cubby and enjoy the  extensive wine list. 



Back to bed.  I vacilate back and forth between the downy softness of the bedding and the candle-lit patio that is protected with billowy sheets of linen.



The lanai is alive with water splashing in rhythm to the ocean.



The sunset await my arrival.  Anyone want to go with me?  :)


vicki archer said...

Sweet dreams here....xv

Linda/"Mom" said...

* YES... this will "do".... QUITE NICELY, thank you very much!!!!!! Delicious!!!!

Linda in AZ *

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

This looks beyond amazing, book a week for me while you are at it please.

LindsB said...

I want to drop everything and run to the airport right now- that place is out of this world!

Cristin said...

I haven't been to Cabo in years. looks heavenly.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

I am in and need to go! need being the operative word in this comment.

vignette design said...

I love, love, love Cabo. You will too. We stayed in La Palmia last time but this looks even better. Hey, I'm also from SF Bay Area! --Delores

vignette design said...

Would love to get Bay Area bloggers together! I'll help plan, but don't know many bloggers here since I'm new to this world! Email me........

Developing Designs said...

You had me at......the 1st photo :)
Hopefully it will happen sooner than later, it looks dreamy. xo

adecco said...
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adecco. said...
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