Sunday, November 29, 2009

Castello di Reschio – Luxury in the Italian Countryside


I’ve found my idea of heaven on earth.


Where the stress and hustle of every day life somehow vanish in the mist of the morning.    Where your imaginings of the world float above you, unable to touch you.


Where you can be as close to God (or whomever or whatever you believe in) as you want to.  Only the wind rustling through the orchard and the whistle of the trees signals the coming of change.


Here on a mountaintop you can throw wishes up to the heavens and let the wind carries them to a place where decisions are made and the answers rain down on you if you are still enough to hear them.


In the stillness of the moment, the low hum of the valley says “it will be ok”… “just breath.”


When the clouds pass, sunshine will fill your face with a new hope for tomorrow, maybe new questions and hopefully new answers.


You will sit and feast with new friends and look forward to your next drink, your next meal and your next conversation.


You will finally find time to write that novel that’s been sitting in your drawer in pieces… waiting for you to put it together.


Tea on the patio in the afternoon will be your ritual, as will showing up when you show up.


Contemplating all your options, while breathing.  Just breathing.


As we finally say goodnight, the sun begins to rise in the sky and  beckons us to start anew tomorrow.  Hope and faith guide you.

Castello di Reschio’s website here.


Cristin said...

Gorgeous! It reminds me a bit of Napa.


Renae said...

Oh this is so lovely...and I agree with Cristin...does remind me a bit of California wine country!

Shoshana Gosselin said...

I enjoyed reading your blog very much. i am a working mom like you doing mainly residential work on the east coast. i like so much of what you post. do u twitter? i am loveyourroom.

red ticking said...

so amazing.... i love your blog... have a restful day... x pam

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

These images are stunning! Wouldn't it be nice to have a house there?

yuki said...
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top said...
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