Friday, July 31, 2009


Demijohns have made the rounds through the blogsphere lately and I thought I would educate myself a bit more on where they came from. I’m glad I did. I am eager to use these in some of my room designs.

The word demijohn was taken from the French, Dame Jeanne, meaning Lady Jane.

In Britain, demijohn refers to a one-gallon glass brewing vessel.

In Southeast U.S. slang, a demijohn jug, of any size, is referred to as a jimmyjohn.

The shape of the demijohn can be ovoid, kidney, cylindrical, round, teardrop, apple and heart shaped. The sizes vary from a few ounces to twenty gallons or more. The very large containers are called carboys.

The original purpose of the demijohn was for transport and storage of bulk liquids.

The demijohns were usually wrapped in wicker to protect them from breakage during shipping. Today, however, most demijohns have had their wicker removed to better reveal their color and shape.

Three color variations of the demijohn.

From the European Antique Market's website. These demijohn’s have been used for candles and the wax has dropped down the sides. Lovely!


Jayson Home and Garden has an antique green demijohn that sells for $125.00.

Fill one up and put your favorite branches or flowers in it.

Hommage A Pluton by Églantine.


19th Century Demijohn



Set of three antique demijohns from Alhambra Antiques


25” tall demijohn! $300 from

Portfolio Image

Here, designer Steven Gambrel uses a demijohn on the coffee table in this Dunes house. Although they kind of get lost because of the clear glass. I think a colored (perhaps blue like the lamp behind the sofa) would stand out much better.


A shop in Paris with demijohns hanging. From the blog A Brooklyn Limestone in Progress.


Demijohns shown on a furniture project from the blog Design Sponge.

Now for the fun part….

I was just at Homegoods near my home doing some shopping for a client when whaddayaknow… Demijohns in all shapes, sizes and colors…. I couldn’t resist. They are very good quality and at $19.99 a piece, I had to pick up a few.

My digital camera is on loan this week, so I can’t show you my great find… but I will soon!

Note…. I’m off to Catalina Island for a few days, so I won’t have an updated post for you for about 10 days! Hang in there with me, as I have an incredible interview and giveaway coming up! Here’s a hint… it’s all about junk!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I just recently posted about a home in House Beautiful that was impeccably designed by Jonathan Berger. In it, he designed an entry way in a bright pink, called Razzle Dazzle by Benjamin Moore, which was a VERY bold choice! And it was fabulous.

I may be incorrect here, but it seems that bright pink is on the front of the design scene right now and wanting to be heard!

Using Pink with Other Colors:

All shades of pink become a different personality when combined with other colors. Pink and orange are playful and vibrant and are commonly used in teenagers rooms or young adults. Pink mixed with black or brown becomes more of a sharp statement of style because of the contrast. See below for more color combinations.

Feng Shui and Pink:

Pink in an environment sooths the heart and fills it with love. Place it in the Southwest area of your home for it to connect to the Love and Marriage aspect of your life.

Popular color combinations using pink

Based on where pink falls on the color wheel, I’ve listed some of the most popular color combinations using pink.

Fig 1 Color Wheel

Pink and Brown

staw room

Pink and Black

pink and black

pink, black and white living room

Pink and Orange


Jonathan Adler Design

Pink and Green


Another Jonathan Adler designed room.

Soft Pinks



Sally Steponkus Design


Philip Gorrivan Design

House Beautiful (wall color is Pantone's 705-C)

House Beautiful - design by Suzanne Kasler



Barry Dixon Design

Mid-Tone Pinks

House Beautiful - Mary McDonald design - Benjamin Moore Coral Pink 2003-50.

From Domino Magazine

Jonathan Adler Entryway


Bright Pinks

pink room by _poseidon_.

From Flikr

hot pink, black and white modern kitchen

Pink living room

Grab your sunglasses! Yikes!

Pink as an Accent Color


Barry Dixon Design


Celerie Kemble Interiors


Celerie Kemble Interiors


Barry Dixon Design


Barry Dixon Design

Picture 5

Kishani Perera Design



Design Pink is a blog that is all about pink.

Making It Lovely just did a great post on finding the perfect pink as well.

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