Thursday, May 27, 2010

Christina Rocks!

Once in awhile I will deviate from my blog purpose and today is going to be one of those days…

Did any of you catch the American Idol finale last night?  Christina Aguilera sung her new song, “You Lost Me”, off of her new album “Bionic” (due out June 8 ) and it was just incredible.  She is such an incredible singer and artist, not to mention beautiful.

For those of you who’ve been dumped, for those of you who have been hurt, for those of you who have a huge broken heart….


If you find this as incredible as I did, you can preorder it here…

Have a wonderful day everyone. 

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Storibook Designs said...

I wholeheartedly agree ~ have always been in awe of her brilliance. Mind blowing to me what it must be like to have that kind of talent inside of you!!