Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Books!!!

There are a few new design books that are coming out soon that I cannot wait to see, read and spend time with stretched out on my bed with a warm cup of tea steaming by my side.

Getting a new design book anytime of the year is like Christmas for me.  It’s all I need to make me happy in that moment.  After all, it’s the little moments that matter, right?

So, without further adieu, I give you some titles that might interest you as well!


The Nest Home Design Handbook: Simple ways to decorate, organize, and personalize your place' target=_blank>The Nest Home Design Handbook

Simple ways to decorate, organize, and personalize your place

Written by Carley Roney, who is the woman responsible for all of “The Knot” wedding books and magazines.  This book looks fresh, fun and full of ideas.  The comments posted on Amazon already give it a glowing review.  It’s going in my cart!


New Asian Interiors (Stylecity)' target=_blank>New Asian Interiors  by Massimo Listri.  This book has not yet been released, but the description says that it has over 400 beautiful color photographs of homes in Japan, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Malaysia to Singapore, Indonesia, Java, and Bali.  With my growing fascination with feng shui design, this book is sure to be a winner.


Casa California: Spanish-Style Houses from Santa Barbara to San Clemente

Casa California: Spanish-Style Houses from Santa Barbara to San Clemente' target=_blank>Casa California: Spanish Style Houses from Santa Barbara to San Clemente

This book has actually been published for awhile, but it’s new to me.  And I love the Spanish style, as you will see from the next book selection, so it made the list! :)


Spanish Interior Design' target=_blank>Spanish Interior Design by Michelle Gallindo

This is one of my favorite design styles, so this is the book that I am most looking forward to.  The book features 50 designs in a variety of categories.


Living in Style: Paris' target=_blank>Living in Style Paris  by Reto Guntli (photographer).

Having just returned from Paris a few months ago, it would be fascinating to see a fresh take on this style.  It is interesting how the cover has a strong Asian influence.


Paula Deen's Savannah Style

Paula Deen's Savannah Style" target=_blank>Paula Deen's Savannah Style

Paula Deen’s Savannah Style.  The queen of Southern cooking has an interior design book out!  Go figure!  But, I’ll be the first in line to buy it!  There is something so warm and fun about this lady, that I’m sure her new venture is going to be a wild success.

By Paula Deen and Brando Branch.


Lars Bolander's Scandinavian Design

Lars Bolander's Scandinavian Design

Heather Smith MacIsaac (Author), Staffa Johansson (Photographer), Ake Eson Lindman (Photographer), Lars Ranek (Photographer) and Solvi dos Santos (Photographer)

Broken down by room chapters, this style exemplifies simplicity at it’s best. 



If you are interested in ordering or pre-ordering any of the titles above, you can click on the links in blue and it will take you directly to the Amazon purchase page (a page I know all too well!).

I hope you all have an amazing week!



Live while you are alive

Learn to be what you are in the seed of your spirit

Learn to free yourself from all things that have molded you

And which limit your secret and undiscovered road…

Never forget that love requires that you be

The greatest person you are capable of being

Self-generating and strong and gentle-

Your own hero and star

Be grateful for life as you live it

And may a wonderful light

Always guide you along the unfolding road.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Domes of Elounda


Summer has me thinking about all the warm places I’d like to visit around the world.  Sooner or later, I’ll see them all, regardless of  roadblocks.  In searching for luxurious spas and resorts, I came across an all suites and villas spa resort called Domes of Elounda, located on a Greek island called Spinalonga.

The villa features dome structures throughout the property, giving it a unique look.


Looking like a spaceship in the middle of the sea, the Domes features several of these dome shapes throughout the villa.


The Resort.  The sky glows as the sun sets, leaving the water a sheet of glass.


The view from the villa is beautiful and serene. 


One of the domes with it’s alien lights.


Main Pool overlooking the Mediterranean.



Open Plan Suite Exterior.  Several of the villas have a personal pool.


Private Suite Bedroom.  Luxurious fabrics, fluffy pillows and warm breezes make for a very peaceful stay at the Domes.


Ultraluxe Villa Exterior.  Rock retaining walls surround this villa making it seem like it’s been here 100 years.


Ultraluxe Villa Living Room.  A cool contemporary vibe fills the suites.  Here you see the inside of one of the domes.


Ultraluxe Villa Pool.  Another private pool.


Ultraluxe Villa Bathroom.  Luxury is an understatement here.  The large shower and tub in the rear are big enough for a party.  And, we all need a tub of rose-petal water to wash our face with.


Domes Spa.  The exceptional Domes Spa draws on ancient Greek spa practices and uses the restorative benefits of the Mediterranean waters.  The focal point of the spa is the black mosaic sea water pool, surrounded by tinted glass.



Domes Spa.  Gold and black mosaic tiles cover the spa walls giving it a luxurious feel.


Grand Dome Bar

Definitely the place to go for a cool drink to welcome in the setting sun.


All streams flow to the sea because it is lower than they are.  Humility gives it its power.

- Lao-tzu