Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Little Visit to Bouf Brings Surprising Finds!

It’s been awhile since I’ve visited Bouf… but I am on their email list, so I am regularly receiving updates from them.  The problem is, I usually don’t have time to look!  Today I stopped by to see what was new and I was pleasantly surprised.  I think you may be too!

If you are looking for accessories or other items for a home interior project, this might just be the place to find something original.  And original is what I am always striving for in my designs.  Hard to find in today’s copycat world.


This first find, a Petits Oiseauxs Mirror, is so charming that I instantly fell in love with it.   Two little brass birds are perched on its antiqued brass frame, that has distressed, antiqued mirror glass encased. 

A Gold Retro Love Sign that is something that you can see everywhere probably, but I love how this one is distressed a bit in it’s finish.

These Boho Blanc Plaster Mirrors are just the ticket when you want to create a bit of romance in a space.  The different sizes and shapes are gorgeous.


And speaking of mirrors… I thought these Aviator by Cocktail Designers - Narcisse Mirrors were ingenious!  If you have a fun spot to place them, they are definitely the unexpected.  I think these would be very cool in a teenagers room.


These Dandelion Blowing Wall Stickers are so creative and whimsical.  Great for a young couple in their entrance way or family room.


This Burlesque Chair is for those times that you just want a little something fancy in the corner of your boudoir… or perhaps are thinking about something a little naughtier? :)


This Auro light fixture is so translucent it is almost ghostly.  And, I love it! 


Image 1

These Utzon Tivoli Pendant Lights are the perfect blend of industrial, loft and chic.  Perfect for so many spaces.


And finally, if you appreciate a nod back to the good ol’ days and want a little retro in your space, try this Dreyfuss 500 Chrome Telephone.  Functions just like a regular phone… but you get a little style to go along with it!



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