Wednesday, February 9, 2011

NKBA 2011: Design Finalists for Bathrooms

Have you checked out the National Kitchen and Baths design finalists in the bathroom category?  If not, swing on over to this link now and check them out!
There are a couple of really inspiring bathroom designs like these;

Designer Holly Rickert got it right on the money with this bathroom.  River rock surrounds the free-standing tub giving this bathroom a relaxing spa feel.  Coupled with the dark cabinetry and flooring, this space feels modern and timeless.

Designer Christine Salas also had a hit with this tiny, but uber-chic bathroom.  Cool bathtub + cool fireplace right next to it is a winning combination for me!  The color of the tile works in the room, the sconces are unassuming and perfect and the artwork right on.
But there are also a few that I just don’t get!

Designer Ellie Baker can put a bathroom together, but I am not so fond of the color scheme in here (the white tile is too stark for those warm cabinets), the bowl glass sink (are they even still in style anymore?) and that hardware on the cabinets!    Sorry… this one misses the mark in my book.
 Jon Mancuso Photography
Designer Lori Carroll did some things right here.  The oil-rubbed bronze faucet is trendy and in style right now and the pendant lighting adds a cool vibe to the space as well, but overall, it feels very 80’s to me for some reason?   I think it is the color of the floating cast stone sink as well as the corrugation tiles on the wall.  She tried something unique and different with marble slabs embedded with fossils behind the sink, but again, this one misses for me as well.  What’s your opinion?
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Carol Maryott said...

The first photo is so serene and spa-like. I love the details.
Thank you for this post.

Karena said...

Rebecca I agree with your comments and also love the very first image!!

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