Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2013 Designers of the Hampton Designer Showhouse

Have you seen the 2013 Hampton's Designer Showhouse yet?  It's magnificent!  Merida Meridian's blog has a sneak-peak here.

While I was looking into the designers that each had a place in the Showhouse this year, I came across some absolutely beautiful work.  It's no wonder they were each chosen to be part of the Showhouse.

The first company is Bryant Keller Interiors.  Their portfolio is magnificent.

This first photo from Bryant Keller is a hallway showing a beautiful linen covered wall on the lower-level.  It is hard to determine if the scene on the wall is painted or a wall-covering, but coupled with the textured wall below it is classic.

The layout of this bedroom is simple, yet nicely arranged.  Rather than choose a large rectangular or square rug to cover the entire space, the designer chose to put the focus on the reading chair.  The cherry blossoms in the clear vase in front of the mirror is a beautiful touch, but would probably only last a day if used in any home.

The dining room design is simple, but made elegant with the use of a bold graphic print on the wall covering and the dramatic chandelier.

The following kitchen photos are all designs from Bakes & Company, a Hampton's kitchen and interior design company.  I love their use of marble countertops and grey cabinetry.

One of my favorite combinations is grey cabinetry and marble countertops.  Paired with grey molding on the archway to match, this is so elegant.

Another view of the same kitchen with a farmhouse sink with large apron in marble.  Oh my gosh!  I'm in love!!!

The cool tones of the marble backsplash with the grey cabinetry and grey-green stove give this kitchen a very farm-house feel, but with chic sophistication.

A closer look at the stove against the dark hardwood floor showcases how the cabinetry and stove stand out.

The next four photographs are from Brady Design out of Southampton, New York.  I love his use of different colored linens.

In this monochromatic living room, striped shades on the windows adds visual interest.  I think I would like to see a chunkier rug with more texture or even perhaps a pattern to give the room a little more contrast.

This living room has a blend of different colored slipcovered linen seating.  It also looks like the draperies are a linen blend, but as you will notice, they are a completely different linen color from the seating.  With the woven shades behind them, it all blends beautifully and adds interest to the room.

Here Brady Design does it again!  They are using 3 different linen colors with the seating and ottoman and coordinate it with a seagrass rug that has the grey from the ottoman and a brown tone that coordinates with the rest of the room.  The colorful artwork on the wall gives the room just the punch that is needed.

This is quintessential Hampton's style.  Square block pale rug, linen covered furniture with english styled arms, jacobean turned styled legs and bright pops of color.

Finally, Ken Gimes Interiors offers some more beautifully styled rooms.

The grasscloth wall covering and jute rug add great texture to this room.  The bold artwork is a perfect compliment to the grasscloth color.  I would have had a little bit more fun with the chandelier, but the one they used here compliments the room well.

This living room is nothing to write home about.  It's nice.  But, what stood out to me was the artwork.  It is almost haunting and at the same time adds a contemporary touch to a classically styled room.   Instead of choosing one large piece of artwork for the back wall, they chose four smaller pieces and grouped them.  The colors of the artwork are a great choice for the grey armchairs and dark accent pillows.  I think a tufted sofa in a darker brown linen or even black linen would have been beautiful and refreshing in this space.

This looks like a recreation room.  I absolutely love their choice of prints for the room.  The light background of the ottoman with the multi-colored dots is awesome!  Juxtaposed against the dark grey sofa makes it stand out.

For more information on the Showhouse, go to the Hampton Designer's Showhouse HERE.

ENJOY and have a great rest of the week!


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